For those looking to make money online, the first step on reaching this goal should be learning how to make money on YouTube.

With millions of subscribers, YouTube has emerged as one of the best platforms for many different types of marketing campaigns.

However, to truly be successful online with YouTube, it is important to understand the different methods of making money and which ones have the ability of completely transforming your marketing efforts and your bottom line.

The 4 Methods to How to Make Money on YouTube

There are four common methods of using YouTube to make money. However, the income potential differs greatly between each method.

The first Method

Make money with youtube and adsense insider's guideThe first and most common method of making money on YouTube is by using Google Adsense to monetize videos. Marketers allow Google to place banner ads on their videos and even allow advertisement videos to play before their own video plays in order to earn advertising revenue.

The first key to understanding how to make money on YouTube is to never create a situation that might encourage potential customers to click away from the intended video In addition, the marketer would have to have millions of views before they earned any money, and usually the money earned is not that significant.

Method Numero Dos

how to make money on youtube affiliate marketing

The next most common method of making money with YouTube is affiliate marketing.

Using this method, marketers advertise and sell other people's products and services. This is certainly not a bad way to make money with YouTube, and many have found success with this method. It is certainly a benefit to not have to be responsible for the creation and production of a product.

However, to maximize potential profits, there are better ways to leverage the power of YouTube.

Third Method Sponsorships

The third way of making money with YouTube is through sponsorships.

Companies will pay marketers to advertise their product or service on their Youtube channels by reviewing the product or providing a demonstration.

While this is a great way to make money, the marketer has to have a lot of subscribers before a company will offer them a sponsorship.

No company will want to pay a marketer with only a few subscribers to his YouTube channel to market their product.

Final and Recommended Method Number 4

How to make money with youtube lead generation

Saving the best for last, the most profitable way to make money on YouTube is by using YouTube's vast reach as a lead generation source to bring potential customers straight to the marketer's website.

Recommended method to How to Make Money on YouTubeThe concept is simple. Marketers offer a free source of information to potential customers.

This could be in the form of a free report, newsletter or any other type of offer. The customer enters their email address in order to receive the free material.

The marketer can then follow up with the customer with paid offers. By using this method, marketers are able to drive customers through their own marketing funnel and have endless opportunities for potential sales.

By utilizing this simple method, marketers have made millions with Youtube. For any future Youtube marketers, this is by far the method that should be mastered in order to be successful with YouTube.

This is What You Have to do Next:

In order to have success with this method you need a powerful funnel, the highest conversions possible and the right traffic source.

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